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creating heirloom storybooks set to poetry


Children dream of visiting the Santa of folklore in his home  five minutes til midnight on Christmas Eve

Children and Santa will be photographed in a nostalgic style in iconic scenes: 

   Having milk and cookies with Santa
   Finding their name in his nice book
   Sprinkling some of Santa’s magic dust
   Hearing Santa read the Christmas story
   Talking to one of his elves on his magic telephone
   Peeking in his toy bag
   Painting with Santa’s magical paint

   *PLUS Receiving a gift from Santa to keep always


Sessions are for siblings only

For children between the ages of 3-12 during their wonder years


Our objective is to capture the essence of childhood and to create portraits to use in a beautiful storybook and archival wall art. This is not Mall Santa Pics!

If you are familiar with us, you know we create work of the highest quality and artistry.  Our Fine Art Santa Portraits are no exception. We are very excited to be able to offer this style of portraiture in central Kentucky,  

The Experience


Sessions are for siblings only

For children between the ages of 3-12 during their wonder years

• A letter from Santa mailed inviting you for milk and cookies
• A fun, 15 minute session and exciting time for the children where smiles will occur naturally
• A private, fully immersive experience for just your children with Santa
• Hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas movies for the children while you order

• View and order your portraits immediately after

• Receive special bonuses and custom package savings during your appointment.



It is important that you pre-plan for your child’s portrait session with Santa. Our artistic vision will assure that your portraits will have a timeless and nostalgic feel. 


These sessions are designed for siblings ages 3 to 12 years old

All children will be barefoot

What To Wear
What To Expect

We will provide pajamas for the boys.
We have pajama sizes 2 through 14. 
Please inquire if we do not have a size that fits your child.


We can provide white nightgowns for the girls but we find that girls and their moms sometimes are picky and that’s okay! You can shop on Amazon, Etsy or your other favorite shop and find a large range of styles and prices. Try searching for “vintage white nightgowns for girls”. All white or off white and sleeves are a must (long or cap).

*PLEASE - NO sleeveless and NO colors*

   Please fix their hair in a style that will keep it out of their face especially on their right side. A small white or red bow is fine.  Braids and pony tails are cute. We cannot interrupt the session to pick on hair or bows. 

Parents and Grandparents - OPTIONAL

Parents, grandparents or older siblings that would complete the family unit, may join the session for one pose. This is something optional if you would like to be part of the fun! Do not wear pajamas. Come dressed in casual, solid colored clothes in blacks, browns, golds, creams, greys or blues. Avoid printed and logoed shirts. It’s best if adults match in color and tone.



When Should We Arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session to change clothes and be ready for your session at the scheduled time. Your session will be immediately followed by your ordering appointment. Please wait in your car if you are more than ten minutes early since these sessions are booked back to back all day and we want to keep everyone’s time special and private for them. 

What is your Cancelation and Rescheduling Policy?

All sessions are non-refundable. If you need to cancel your session for any reason you forfeit your session fee. Please make sure the appointment time you select works for your calendar before you book. These sessions are very limited and in high demand, if you need to reschedule, there might not be another available time until next year.  Rescheduled appointments pay a new session fee.

How Long Will we be at your Studio?

We have allotted one hour for your family.  We try our very best to stay on schedule but cannot do that when people are late.  We can not guarantee an appointment if you are late and we ask that you come prepared to place your order.  


When can I see the Portraits?

You will view and order your portraits immediately following the session. We provide childcare with Christmas movies, books, treats (hot chocolate and cookies), and crafts to keep your children happy while you make your decisions.  This is the time to view and order so please bring anyone who is a decision maker in choosing and purchasing. Additional ordering appointments are $100.

What's the Investment?

There is no obligation to purchase, however people fall in love with what we create and want to have these portraits as a keepsake to look back on forever, long after their children outgrow the magic of Santa. Your storybook will be shared with your children's children and become part of their family legacy. Our portraits start at $500 and our storybooks begin at $1,750. Some families spend $500, others spend $5,000, most find that they can’t spend less than $1,500 and leave happy. Our pricing is designed with the idea that the more you buy, the more you save.  We offer flexible payment plan options to fit your budget.   

Can I Just Buy Digitals?

We specialize in wall art and heirloom storybooks, but we do have options for digital files only. All of our printed options include the matching digital files complimentary, so you receive the best of both worlds with our storybooks and archival wall portraits. Digitals are delivered via a Dropbox download.  We do not provide thumb drives or disks.

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